Friday, March 19, 2010

Little Update

I'm going to try and give a proper update to this badboy sometime next week. Also As a side note I'm awfully annoyed by how many shit spam comments I'm getting on here. I wish I could bitch fist the cunt who keeps using my blog for that reason.

Anyways, been playing NMH2 (beat) and FF13 (halfway). I am pleased with both. I felt like NMH2 was a bit of a let down compared to the first game in regards to character, story and stuff to do. Definately had the one up on NMH1 for the actual game play and weapons though! But there were a couple nice bosses which redeemed it for me :D Skelter Helter, Ryuji, Margaret, Capitan Vladimir and Alice were stellar, the rest were, hmm forgetable. Though the cut scene for Kimmy was hilarious! And Syliva looks way hotter this round too. The muscule and stamia mini games were dreadful. Never did beat the very last muscule one...thorn in my side -___-; As for FF13 so far I really like it. Not my fav, most probably won't be. But I've really started to like some of the characters, Lightning and Fang are probably my fav's. And the fight system this game is pretty nice, though I miss the ability you had in 12 to spread your party out, to avoid everyone getting hit by the same spell/attack. Expect FF13 arts! I'm going to try and post some of the sketches here in the next couple of weeks :]

And here's a peek wip on something I was working on before Christmas, I probably won't get back to it for a while though. Just so there's at least some image in this post hehe. I have a bunch of prints to get working on for con's this summer.

~ Lindsay