Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patties Day + Update

Ya, so life got crazy there for a while and I sort of forgot about this thing. Apologies to the two people who might actually look at it lol. I'm afraid Livejournal, Facebook and Deviantart are much more in my taste for being user friendly I suppose :/

Anyway, I might post some sketches later this week when I get a chance to scan them, in the meantime people can visit for some of my more recent art though I haven't posted anything new there in the past couple weeks. Again I'll be updating that as well later this week, hopefully :}

In other stuff Brawl is awesome and I'm enjoying it. But playing against the computer's getting kind of old lol. Anyhow I must admit even while I'm playing Brawl I'm way more excited for this ---> So looking forward to it! It comes out the day after I get back from vacation this year :} From what I've seen of it it looks like it's going to be rad fun, the new tracks I've seen look great too :} I'd even consider getting Wi-fi for a game like this. The motor cycles and the whole 'stunts' thing sounds interesting too, I have a feeling I might fail at it though lol.

So check back later this week if any of yeah care to see some sketches and junk. Happy St. Patties day bums!

I can't believe I'm sober on this fantasticlly green filled day :{ There is so much wrong in the world.