Monday, October 01, 2007

Have at 'er!

Alright, going to try and start this thing up again (if you can call it an again lol since I never really posted here in the first place :/) Had had a lot of issues with this site, I seem to have figured 'em out in anycase. Anyways, I don't have much completed work to show from the summer and there's plenty I'll still have to scan and post, I suppose partially finished sketches would be fine too. Hopefully this'll be a bit of modivation for myself to do more drawing. Just wish I wasn't so slow haha. Here's a couple things I've done that I still like enough to show. Feels as though by the time I finish pictures now I've either improved enough I no longer like the picture anymore or maybe I'm just sick it it hehe. Anyway on to art!

Quite a few of the pictures from the summer from myself will probably be of Unavisi characters of mine. The Unavisi are a created fantasy type race (based of elves and unicorns and named and designed with fruits and woods in mind) belonging to Brianne Goetz you can see her art at well, I'll link her Deviantart page since her site's down for a major makeover at the moment you can find the link to her site on her DA page too :] It's

Anyways this is one of the Unavisi's I was speaking of, Butternut. Based of Butternut Squash of course, she's a tobacconist, and formerly a messenger in the guard. This was actually my second sketch of her which I ended up finishing. The colouring of her hair is weak and definately something I should work on more before having another go at it lol!

The was my initial sketch of Butternut but I never quite got around to finishing it sadly.

This is another Unavisi character of mine, Kara or Karaka. Working on a character sheet this one's still a work in progress - I've gone through a bit of a phase where I thought doing my lines in photoshop would be good. What a stupid idea, this thing is taking so long, I'm not entirely sure I'll end up finishing it despite actually kind of liking it. Anyways, she's a herbalist/masseuse and has a narcissistic personality in every sense of the word.

Well I'll leave some for later I guess! I know nothing too exciting ~ yet! I'll try and update this blog a few more times this week with some of the art I'd done over the summer and maybe something new too, who knows? If you made it this far thank you for you time and all that :] I still need to think of a proper name for my blog. Any ideas for which are always welcome as are crits and such <3

~ Lindsay

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