Thursday, December 13, 2007

Finished art for a sad day.

Ooh, two posts in two days again? Don't expect anything since this is just the image Photoshop closed on me yesterday, it's quite old as it is so I figure I might as well post it before I completely hate it ;p It was pretty much just meant to be a colouring exercise. I had originally choosen nicer colours for this image and change it at some point to what it is now, I wish I had left it how it was originally since the colours are half the reason I hate it now. The other half being the horrid anatomy and that shirt, of which I've tried in vain to fix. But I like the hair and skin (both of which I usually have trouble with) enough to post it. So I'll stop typing now.

Edit: The colours look even more blah now that I see it outside of Photoshop, hmmm.

Rest in peace Marc, you were such a sweetheart and it's nothing but a shame that you had to go so early in life. It's safe to say that anyone lucky enough to have met you, will miss you greatly. <3

~ Lindsay


Tapan Gandhi said...

this is great lindsay! i dont know what ur talking about.. the colours look gorgeous

and may i ask who marc was?

EdoAvenir said...

your colors are getting a lot better =) you should do your cast shadows with a hard edge, as opposed to normal shadows which have a softer edge (like under her chin, the shadow on her neck would have a hard edge). and make your shadow colors cooler to balance the warm colors of her skin.