Thursday, December 13, 2007

Finished art for a sad day.

Ooh, two posts in two days again? Don't expect anything since this is just the image Photoshop closed on me yesterday, it's quite old as it is so I figure I might as well post it before I completely hate it ;p It was pretty much just meant to be a colouring exercise. I had originally choosen nicer colours for this image and change it at some point to what it is now, I wish I had left it how it was originally since the colours are half the reason I hate it now. The other half being the horrid anatomy and that shirt, of which I've tried in vain to fix. But I like the hair and skin (both of which I usually have trouble with) enough to post it. So I'll stop typing now.

Edit: The colours look even more blah now that I see it outside of Photoshop, hmmm.

Rest in peace Marc, you were such a sweetheart and it's nothing but a shame that you had to go so early in life. It's safe to say that anyone lucky enough to have met you, will miss you greatly. <3

~ Lindsay

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Some works-in-progress

All Unavisis related arts this update, sorry peeps if you don't like that. I have some other things I'd sketched and worked on these past few weeks but PS just closed the program on me while I was resizing somethings to post here and I'm feeling lazy and don't want to hook up my scanner to post the ones that are on paper, so look forward to them for next time I guess! ;D


This is just a small part of a Character Sheet Commission for a friend of her Unavisi Character Willow (actually she's the one who created the Una race and started up the community for them :D) It's late unforunately I've been having issues with it and this is the third time I started over, I'm hoping I can fix this one to something I'd be happy giving to her. Cuz this girl deserves something really good! Anyhow Willow's an interesting character and I'm happy with her face shape in this, but not so much in the other portion of the model sheet, I still have consistancy problems when drawing the same characters unfortunately. Something to work on.

And this is again a crop from another model sheet. But he's my own character, I'm pretty happy with how he's turned out so far, just need to do some touch ups on the spottled markings (cept his face which I already re-did). I think I'll probably leave his sheet in flat colours. This is from a while ago but I hope finish up Willow's sheet and to start up again and finish this sheet before Christmas. Anyhow he's technically a Wanderer and not a Una but they're essentially the same only one Wanderers are nomadic and based off animals/fish instead of fruits/woods. That being said his name is Narwhal, Nar for short, obviously he's based off the whale ~ I love Narwhals (so pretty!) But Nar is sexist douchebag.

And this was a happy birthday/feel better gift art for another Una-community member/friend, that I'd done earlier last week. I didn't totally have time to finish colouring it, but hope too in the future. But I sent off the lineart with the flat colours to her earlier so it's not rediculously late (like everything I usually do >.<) I need to plan out backgrounds better so people don't end up with floaty globe things behind them and floating on pillows like this ;____;


Thanks dudes for all the kind words last post <3 Off to look at blogsss! I really need a new name for this thing, any suggestions?

~ Lindsay