Thursday, April 23, 2009

More than a year! :O

Wow. So like long time nothing posted eh? lol Anyway, it was brought to my attention yesterday that my last update here was from March last year. Lame on me haha. Not that people really check this out but whatever :} So here's something to post one of a group of picture that was to match my Ice Swordswoman from a few posts below. It's oldish now, and I see many issues with it but I'm still pretty happy with it :]

And something else too because I feel like I should be posting more than one thing after so long lol. This one's been a work in progress that's been sitting on my computer since maybe Christmas-ish time. I hope to get back to it soon. It's just something random. An elf princess or something, doing a dance of sorts. I really need to fix her right hand though >.> Looking a little irk...

EDIT: Wow, Blogger really butchers images. Here's a link to that second one again

Alright, maybe more later? I just wanted to update this thing :D
~ Lindsay


Tapan Gandhi said...

excellent work as usual, mizz prior :)

keep updating!!!

Sketchtastrophe said...

Aww, thanks Tapan ;D I'll try! Seeing everyone again so much recently totally gave me an art inspiration boost that I needed! It's nice to like art again :D