Thursday, May 21, 2009

Finished Finally

Yay I finished it XD Alright! This only took AGES. I'm not really thrilled with it but whatever - it's DONE! AN is tomorrow and I'm totally screwed lol Oh well. Same as every other year I guess.

Detail for the only reason that I spent forever on this and it feels unworthy lol

~ Lindsay
(Look at me, updating frequently. Must be an apocalypse.)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


In trying to stick with the whole keeping this thing updated fairly often, here's a couple more things. All I'll be selling at Anime North this coming weekend. Man I'm pressed for time trying to finish things though lol!

This one is actually from last year but I've done some colour adjusting and never actually posted the whole thing (there's a preview in one of my first posts). Anyways some Zelda art. Personally my favorite game franchise! Midna and Zelda in their Twilight Princess glory.

I was going to make a group of No More Heroes keychains. Alas that was when I thought I'd be able to work fast enough to stick to my crazy schedule >.< I'll probably just be selling this as a postcard sized thing. (Please ignore the writing on it, I was too lazy to remove it before posting.)

And a wip of an original print of one of my favorite personal characters Cerulean. There's a sketch of her several posts down as well. She's my baby lol be kind X3!

Anyways! Thank you to those of you who've visited and left me lovely comments! <3 I really appreciate it :D

~ Linds

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Some Fanart for you!

I've decided to try and update this thing more frequently :D Even though hardly anyone sees it lol!

This is a semi-old print I started working on again, as a print for conventions. Fanart is always hard for me but I started liking this one again. Obviously still a work in progress. Though I feel like it's really dull, I still kinda like it enough to want to finish it, which is rare for me. I gotta stop doing pin-ups with no real backgrounds -_____-;; Ooh, another thing to add to my list of many goals for the relatively near future! (Yay?!)

And this is one I've pretty much finished. I realized there's a couple things I forgot to touch up and add! She's Holly Summers from the Nintendo Wii game No More Heroes. For the record, such a good game! She's my fav boss, because Holly's damn sexy! Too bad I thought she was the easiest boss in the game :{

Any suggestions on things to help improve either of these, or future arts would be lovely, though not neccessary haha ;D

~ Lindsay